Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I thought I’ll consult my dad about choosing a suitable topic for my elocution competition.  He looked at the list and said, “Mihika, you should speak on the subject that you are an expert on and therefore the only topic for you is the one about being lazy”

Good Afternoon, friends! I am Mihika Menghrajani from IV A and my topic today is GADGETS ARE MAKING US LAZY.

I think I heard some people in the audience laugh, well just to set the record straight. My father did not mean that I was good at being lazy. It is just that he feels women are better with gadgets, maybe because mom gets to keep all the remote controls with her.

The rest of what I am about to say is dedicated to my Mom.

If some of you believe that Gadgets are making us lazy then I would argue that it is these so called lazy people who are responsible for improvement and advancement in the world.

Working hard does not necessarily mean that the person is active and productive adopting an easier and faster road to reach your goal does not automatically make you lazy.

Gadgets make us make work smarter.

Friends, I say that progress is made by lazy people looking for simpler and easier ways to do things. It is these Lazy gadget users that inspire inventions.

Thank God...or should I say thank you engineers who make all those gadgets, without these I don’t think it would be possible for my mom to give me the quality time she does.

The alarm clock ensures that I am never late to school.

The cooking range helps my mom to prepare breakfast, my school Tiffin and dad’s lunch all in one go.

The microwave is my favourite; it gives me hot popcorn just like you get in a movie theatre. But my mom makes many more things using the oven.

The computer in the study room is our window to the world.  We write mails, talk on video chats and read the news on the computer. My mother uses the internet to help me with my studies.

The video door phone keeps unwanted people from entering the house.

The washing machine keeps our clothes clean and dries them perfectly.

My Wii video game is not only fun to play it is great exercise as well.

My mother goes for a walk every day, but when it’s raining she uses the treadmill.

Just take a look around your house and see how these gadgets help you manage your time, save energy and lead a better life.

Gadgets do not make us lazy; it is our attitude that counts.

There are gadgets to count as well, but an attitude counting machine is an idea yet to be invented.


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